After retiring from Eli Lilly, I began studying glass blowing at the Indianapolis Art Center in 2006. I have done additional studies at Ox Bow in Saugatuck, Michigan and at The Studio in Corning, New York, where I studied with Davide Salvadore, Jaime Harris, Giles Bettison, and Mark Ditzler. I am deeply in debt to my instructors at Corning. For the past year, I have developed ALS and can no longer blow glass. The IAC has graciously supported me, and Ben Johnson, Yuri Okamoto, and Katy have done wonders executing my designs. I’m deeply in their debt, and it’s been exciting working with them even though I can no longer move my body.

Growing up on the family farm in Iowa, I suppose I've always been a great lover of nature. Landscaping was my first love, my first art, long before I discovered glassblowing. My specialties have been in rhododendrons, Japanese Maples, and dwarf conifers. The above photos are of my yard in the past couple years. My cat, Batman, has been my constant companion. Also shown are pictures from the Indianapolis Art Center of my birthday celebration and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014!